2017-2018 Eagles Elect Their Captains

February 8, 2018

With an unprecedented 17 seniors on the team, the Boston College men’s lacrosse team is overflowing with experienced leadership.


But on Jan. 17 — after an entire semester of practicing together — the 2018 squad selected four seniors to claim the honor of being named team captain: midfielder Seamus Scaring ‘18, face-off specialist Griffin Carney ‘18, defenseman Ryan Neff ‘18, and defenseman Mike Kim ‘18.


Carney, who was First Team All-Conference and Second Team All-America last year as a starting face-off specialist, looks forward to representing the Eagles to the best of his ability.


“I plan on getting to work every time that I strap on my helmet,” Carney said. “Nothing is going to be given to us and I am ready to work for it. Every person on this roster needs to contribute to their upmost ability for the team to be successful on a national level.”


Senior Mike Kim, who also serves as president of the program, is determined to remain committed to the team and the future of the program.


“The clock is ticking,” Kim said. “With the limited amount of time I have left to contribute to the program, I hope that I can make it meaningful. Being a captain puts me in a position to help dictate the team’s present and future for the better, and I hope to make the most of it.”


With the voting of captains scheduled right before the spring season, all of the underclassmen on the team were able to spend time and practice with every senior on the team in order to get a better feel for who they want leading when the regular season arrives.One of those underclassmen is freshman goalie Paul Kern from the Landon School in Potomac, MD. Kern, one of seven freshmen on the team, noticed the dedication and commitment put forth by all of the seniors — especially those who were elected captain.


“The senior leadership has been better than I expected,” Kern said. “They make every player feel needed and that makes it easier for players who are not going to play a lot during the actual games to buy into the team.”


Senior defenseman Ryan Neff emphasizes the importance of including everyone on the team no matter what class they’re in.


“It meant a lot to me when upperclassmen would reach out and ask me how I was doing, or when they spent extra time to explain a drill after I messed it up several times prior,” Neff said. “Our emphasis all year has been for everyone to buy in, and I truly believe that it starts with the team's leaders who set expectations for the season.”


And with one of the toughest schedules in the MCLA, senior midfielder Seamus Scaring knows that the Eagles need everyone to give it their best emotionally and physically.


“The best thing I learned from our upperclassmen was the importance of emotion and energy on the field,” Scaring said. “We have always had leaders who pumped energy into the team, and I have never seen a bench as rowdy as ours. Coach Louie has done a great job of implementing this philosophy in our guys, and as a captain, I hope to keep everyone up. As many of the upperclassmen know, that energy is what will get us to the tournament and push us towards a national championship.”






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